102 Travel Mashups

John Musser
Dec. 28 2006, 02:05AM EST

One of the most popular tags for classifying mashups on this site is "travel". How popular? So far, 102 mashups at ProgrammableWeb have this tag. Most are mapping-related, often used to highlight locations for a specific destination like French Champagne houses, UK Bed and Breakfasts, NYC Broadway Shows or Hollywood celebrity hotels (and gossip):

Hollywood Chatter Hotels

Other travel mashups are more utilitarian including:

GMaps Flight Tracker

  • Find Airport Parking: Find everything you need when rushing to the airport and need parking. Find out which airport parking facility is closest to you or to the airport, which is cheapest
  • GMaps Flight Tracker: View incoming flights into 7 major US cities. Altitude, speed, heading and flight path are all interactively displayed on the map. Be air traffic control.

While yet other "travel" mashups are just different:

Air Travel Emissions Calculator

  • Fatal Crash Data Maps: Search fatal crashes by zip code, driving directions, custom drawn polygons on Google Maps. Search results include crash details.
  • Air Travel Emissions Calculator: A Google Maps mashup that allows you to calculate the per-passenger greenhouse gas emissions created by a commercial airline flight between any two airports.
  • Random Day Out Generator: Pick where and the types of things you like to do and where. Watch it build your itinerary for the day.

See all 102 travel mashups here.

John Musser




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Travel 2.0 Mashery:

Travel 2.0 Mashery is a Travel 2.0 | Strategy + Business' own extended definition and vision of Travel 2.0 as coined by Philip C. Wolf, President and CEO, PhoCusWright Inc. Travel 2.0 Mashery is meshing up the Travel 2.0 | Strategy + Business team’s collective years of experience from traditional travel distribution method to online distribution strategies; combined with our best-of-breed emerging travel &amp; tourism technology automation portfolio, from third-party global partners network as well as our own proprietary travel portal builder called Mashlabs.Travel.