200 Twitter Mashups

John Musser
Jun. 26 2009, 01:02AM EDT

What's hot in APIs these days? If you look for clues in what APIs are most often used in new mashups listed here on ProgrammableWeb, it's the Twitter API. Not a surprise given how hot the Twitter service is this year. As you can see from our recent weekly mashup summaries, hardly a week goes by without Twitter being one of the top 3 APIs. The chart below shows the top 10 APIs for the past two weeks:


Since these apps are being added to PW so frequently, we now have 210 Twitter mashups listed. To give a sense of the variety, here are three of the most recent:

  • Got Free Shipping?: Got Free Shipping allows you to browse and search eBay and Amazon for items with free shipping only. Tweets that talk about free shipping deals are integrated into the service. APIs: Amazon eCommerce, eBay, Twitter. More at our Got Free Shipping? profile.
  • Got Free Shipping?

  • TweeSpeed: The Twitter Instant Speed Meter. TweeSpeed is a web service giving you the number of tweets sent in the last minute. TweeSpeed is based on the public timeline, grab information for the 5 last minutes and calculate an average speed for one minute. APIs: Google App Engine, Google Visualization, Twitter. More at our TweeSpeed profile.
  • TweeSpeed

  • Tenant Txt: A service that apartment management can put in place to single or mass alert their community of any maintenance repairs, criminal activity, or community events via text message or Twitter. APIs: Twitter. More at our Tenant Txt profile.
  • Tenant Txt

    John Musser



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