26 Weather APIs, 12 Support JSON

Wendell Santos
Jan. 11 2012, 08:00AM EST

ProgrammableWeb recently published an analysis of the top free and paid Weather APIs available in our directory.  Please click here to read the full analysis.

Weather has always been a popular category with many popular Weather APIs listed in our directory. While XML is still the leading data format used, the trend of JSON becoming the developer's choice over the last few years is also reflected in the Weather category. Since the beginning of 2010, JSON is the leading data format used by Weather APIs with 11 added to the directory out of 12 JSON weather APIs. The chart below shows the breakdown of APIs using various data formats. HAMweather Aeris, the first Weather API added this year continues the trend as it supports JSON exclusively. Below is the full list of Weather APIs in the ProgrammableWeb directory. Not included? Google's secret weather API.

  3TIER API: Global wind and solar resource data

  AccuWeather API: Weather forecast service

  Airport Status API: Airport activity and weather information service

  data.gov.sg API: Singapore government data

  Foreca API: Weather forecasting service

  GeoNames API: Geographic name and postal code lookup

  George Vustrey Weather API: Weather forecasting service

  HAMweather Aeris API: Weather data service

  InnerGears Weather by City API: US Weather forecasts by city

  Marine/Surfing Weather API: Access to live marine/sailer weather

  Met Office WOW API: UK weather observations

  Navlost NWX Weather API: Consolidated weather information service

  NOAA MADIS API: Meteorological data observations

  NOAA National Weather Service (NWS) API: Weather forecast database

  Norway Weather API: Weather data service

  Onset HOBOlink API: Data logger products

  SimpleGeo Context API: Location Context Search

  Weather Central API: XML Weather feed

  Weather Channel API: Weather forecast data

  Weather Underground (Wunderground) API: Weather forecast service

  Weather2 API: Weather forecasting service

  WeatherBug API: Weather forecast services

  WeatherBug GEO API: Weather Mapping Service

  World Weather Online API: Global weather information services

  Yahoo Weather API: Weather data service

  Zypr API: API aggregation service

Wendell Santos