27 Time-Tracking APIs: ActiveCollab, Freckle and TimeLog

Matthew Scott
Oct. 02 2013, 08:00AM EDT

Our API directory now includes 27 time-tracking APIs. The newest is the Workonomic API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the
Freshbooks API
. We list 5 Freshbooks mashups . Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of time-tracking APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 20 time-tracking REST APIs and 4 time-tracking SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 23 time-tracking XML APIs and 16 time-tracking JSON APIs.

The most common tags within time-tracking are 13 time-tracking project managment APIs, 10 time-tracking office APIs and 7 time-tracking enterprise APIs

On the mashup side, we list two time-tracking mashups. We named Invenbin as mashup of the day in January.

For reference, here is a list of all 27 time-tracking APIs.

ActiveCollab API: Collaboration & Project Management System

BeeBole API: Online timetracking application

Cashboard API: Financial and time tracking service

Chrometa API: Time tracking service

Crisply API: Time tracking and project management service

Dovico API: Timesheet and time tracking software

Econz Timecard API: Mobile timesheet integration service

Freckle API: Time tracking service

FreshBooks API: Online invoicing and time tracking

Intervals API: Time Tracking and Task Management Tools

Jimssquare API: Online time tracking software

Kanban Tool API: Project management service

LogMyTime API: Time Tracking Service

mite API: Time tracking tool

Projjex API: Project management and CRM system

ProWorkflow API: Time management solutions service

Redmine API: Project management service

Replicon API: Web time-tracking and timesheet service

ServiceM8 API: Service job management service

Time 2.0 API: Online time tracking and reporting service

TimeLog API: Time tracking and project management service

Timr API: Time tracking service

TrackMyPeople API: Time Tracking Service

TSheets API: Time Tracking Tools

WorkflowMax API: Job and Invoice Management

Workonomic API: Chat-based personal time tracking service

Yast API: Time tracking and project management service

Matthew Scott Matt is a finance major at the Lundquist College of Business. He currently manages his own portfolio with aspirations of becoming a certified financial planner in the near future. To connect with Matt, please visit his Google+ and LinkedIn profiles.



Good job listing these APIs. There's one more that offers a tremendous difference: TimeTracker API from CreativeWorx. TimeTracker is an automated time/activity CAPTURE solution that captures how people spend their time. It captures time spent in applications (such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite) as well as more general tools (such as calendar, email, browser, etc.). Not only does it capture the time/activity, but it also intelligently assign the correct job code to the task. Then, that timesheet data can be easily cleaned up and passed to any other platform for invoicing, analytics, etc.

Great list! I would also like to add Worksnaps. Worksnaps is a unique service that tracks the project time of your team with verifiable work evidences. It helps you improve the visibility and accountability of how time is spent. Also, it seamlessly integrates with popular services like Basecamp, Freshbooks, Harvest, Redmine,Unfuddle, Asana, Huddle and Pivotal Tracker.