292 Flickr Mashups

John Musser
Dec. 18 2007, 02:10AM EST

The Flickr API continues to be one of the most popular Web 2.0 APIs and with a flurry of new photo mashups here lately, we now have 292 Flickr mashups listed. Overall they run a very wide range of creative applications, here are three of the most recent entries:

  • flickrbackup: A Java-based Flickr backup utility that lets you back up all your photos on Flickr.
  • Feel Image: Search multiple photo sharing sites. Has technology that quantifies colors like red or blue in images, making it possible to show search results by color. Search phrases like: red flower in spring.
  • Custom iGoogle Skins: This new version of the skins gadget integrates Flickr and iGoogle to being you random images from a user specified Flickr group.
John Musser




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