5 Travel APIs - From Comparison to Booking

John Musser
Oct. 29 2007, 12:59AM EDT

Did you know you could use Web 2.0 APIs to search for fares or make travel bookings? Here are 5 APIs with functions ranging from travel search to availability checks to booking. And as you can see from our listing of 236 mashups tagged "travel" that travel is a very popular subject for mashups, with out without these APIs.

  • ViaMichelin API: Well known map and guide publisher Michelin provides API access to the high quality maps, car and pedestrian itineraries, proximity and integrated booking search engine.
  • Kayak API: The search API is an HTTP interface that lets you, the programmer, integrate kayak.com searches and results into your web site, desktop application, or mobile phone application. Below is the mashup Kayak Buzz that answers the question: "Where can I go for under a certain amount of money?" It displays airfares under a user defined amount of money on a Google map.
  • Kayak Buzz

  • Yahoo Travel API: Yahoo Travel offers API access to trip planner data through a REST-like interface. Yahoo Travel Trip Plan APIs let you search for trip plans by Yahoo ID or by search query, or retrieve a specific trip plan by ID. The Yahoo Travel Trip Plan APIs have been designed to operate just like the Yahoo Search APIs and like Yahoo Search, the Travel APIs support both XML and JSON output.
  • Superbreak API: From the market leader in provisioning of UK and European short breaks. Use their REST or SOAP APIs to get hotel, rail and theme park details, get availability and make bookings.
  • FlightAware API: Using the FlightXML API, programs can query the FlightAware live flight information and historical datasets. Queries for in-flight aircraft return a set of matching aircraft based on a combination of location, flight or tail number, origin and/or destination airport, aircraft type, and/or a low-to-high range of altitude and/or ground speed, among others. For each matching aircraft, data returned includes the flight or tail number, the aircraft type, origin and destination, time the last position was received, and the longitude, latitude, groundspeed, and altitude of that position. Matching flights' flight tracks can be requested as well. For airports, FlightXML queries can return a list of scheduled flights, flights that have departed, flights that are enroute to the airport, and flights that have arrived at the airport

Travel has certainly been a segment where the Internet has had a huge impact, but overall it's a fairly entrenched industry so it will be interesting to see how travel APIs evolve.

John Musser



We require a travel API including weather forecast, car rental, hotel availability, etc.

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