56 Billing APIs: Stripe, Billomat and Recurly

Wendell Santos
Dec. 12 2012, 07:00AM EST

Our API directory now includes 56 billing APIs. The newest is the Merchee API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Stripe API. We list 5 Stripe mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of billing APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 34 billing REST APIs and 15 billing SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 41 billing XML APIs and 21 billing JSON APIs.

The most common tags within billing are 31 payment billing APIs, 12 enterprise billing APIs and 11 invoicing billing APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 1 billing mashup. No billing mashups have been named mashup of the day.

For reference, here is a list of all 56 billing APIs.

  3Scale Billing API: API management services

  Accumulus API: Subscription billing service

  Bachbill API: Cloud-based SaaS delivery service

  Bango Direct Billing API: Mobile payment service

  Bango Subscription Billing API: Subscription billing service

  BeeBole API: Online timetracking application

  Bilbus API: Invoice creation and management service

  billomat API: Online billing service

  Blesta API: Billing Service

  BlueFolder API: service management software

  Bluevia Mobile Payment API: Telephony payment service

  BoxBilling API: Billing management service

  Braintree API: Online payment processing service

  Cashboard API: Financial and time tracking service

  Crisply API: Time tracking and project management service

  CurdBee API: Online billing software

  DaoPay API: Mobile payments service

  Fortumo Mobile Payments API: Mobile payment platform

  Google Apps Marketplace API: Integrate Google billing services with applications

  GoToBilling API: Online payment service

  Greendizer API: Invoicing designed for developers

  Guidewire API: Property and Casualty Insurance billing services

  HostBill API: Manages invoices and payments

  instantPay.in API: Mobile recharge and bill payment service

  Invoicefu API: Online invoicing service

  iPayDNA API: Online payment service

  JunglePay API: Mobile payment and billing service

  Kareo Medical Office API: Medical billing and office management service

  LicenseCube API: Billing systems licensing service

  Maventa e-invoicing API: Electronic invoicing services

  Merchant's Mirror API: Accounting software

  Merchee API: eCommerce and mCommerce service

  MinuteDock API: Time Tracking Service

  Monexa Billing API: Enterprise payment and billing automation service

  MoneyBird API: Online billing service

  MPP Global Solutions API: eCommerce payment platform

  NextUser API: Subscription sales management platform

  OneBip API: Mobile payments and billing service

  PaymentVision Pay API: Online credit card payment service

  PayPal Invoicing API: PayPal Invoicing APIs

  PayTrace API: Online payment service

  pVerify API: Medical insurance eligibility verification service

  Recurly API: Subscription billing service

  SaaSy API: Online subscription service

  SnapBill API: Online billing service

  SortMyBooks API: Online Accounting Service

  Stripe API: Online payment service

  SubscriptionBridge API: Subscription and payment management platform

  txtNation Payforit API: Mobile phone billing service

  txtNation SMS API: Mobile billing and messaging service

  UniPay Gateway API: Enterprise billing software

  VersaPay API: Electronic payments service

  Vindicia API: Online billing service

  WORKetc Web Service API: Small business management software suite

  xbrlGlobalLedger API: Accounting Service

  Zuora API: Subscription billing service

Wendell Santos



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