600 Shopping Mashups

Adam DuVander
Jun. 07 2010, 12:19AM EDT

Since we began tracking APIs and mashups almost five years ago, ecommerce has been a very popular category. Last fall we noted 82 shopping APIs, though there are now well over 100. Similarly, today we list 604 shopping mashups, but there were only 100 shopping mashups back in 2006. A lot has changed, but new and interesting ecommerce mashups keep coming. Below are some of our favorite recent additions.

  • The Tracktor - Amazon Price Tracker: Tracks and graphs Amazon price history. Allows user to be emailed when the price hits a desired point. APIs: Amazon eCommerce. More at our The Tracktor - Amazon Price Tracker profile.
  • The Tracktor - Amazon Price Tracker

  • Zeeqa: A unique way of ranking eBay auctions by using a special ranking algorithm. APIs: eBay, Google Maps, PriceRunner, Yahoo Maps. More at our Zeeqa profile.
  • Zeeqa

  • Me Make Monster!: Create a custom monster, then have it printed on t-shirts, mugs, bags, and more fun Zazzle products. APIs: Zazzle. More at our Me Make Monster! profile.
  • Me Make Monster!

  • Pew Pew Zap!: A simple click-to-vote site dedicated to uncovering the best video games for console platforms and game genres. Powered by the GamePro API. Pew! Pew-pewpewpew! Zap! APIs: Amazon eCommerce, GamePro. More at our Pew Pew Zap! profile.
  • Pew Pew Zap!

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