61 Geolocation APIs: Panoramio, Google Gears and Yahoo

Wendell Santos
Mar. 14 2012, 09:35AM EDT

Our API directory now includes 61 geolocation APIs. The newest is the Onuma WFS API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Panoramio API. We list 45 Panoramio mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of geolocation APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 45 geolocation REST APIs and 10 geolocation SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 44 geolocation XML APIs and 25 geolocation JSON APIs.

The most common tags within geolocation are 27 mapping geolocation APIs, 21 IP geolocation APIs and 18 telephony geolocation APIs

On the mashup side, we list 15 geolocation mashups. We named fitsquare as mashup of the day last week.

For reference, here is a list of all 61 geolocation APIs.

  AT&T Location API: Location based services

  Blogama (IPInfoDB) API: IP geolocation service

  Bluevia Location API: Mobile geolocation service

  BlueVia User Context API: Location and mobile user information service

  CDYNE IP2Geo API: Geolocate by IP address

  Data8 Country Detection API: Country mapping and geolocation service

  Deutsche Telekom IP Location API: Mobile geolocation service

  Dynamic Geometry API: Mapping data service

  Ericsson Web Location API: Web-based Positioning Service

  Footfeed API: Geolocation checkin service

  FraudLabs IP2Location API: Geolocate by IP address service

  FraudLabs Mexico Postal Code API: Mexican postal code geolocation service

  FraudLabs ZIPCodeWorld United States API: United states postal code geolocation service

  Geognos World Countries API: Worldwide geocoding information service

  GeoIPs API: IP location and information service

  GeoMaker API: Geo enrichment platform

  GeoMe API: Location based IP tracking service

  Geomena API: Open geo database of WiFi access points

  Google Gears Geolocation API: User geographical positioning service

  InfoChimps IP Census API: Census data based on IP address

  Infosniper.net API: Internet IP geolocation service

  IP Address API: IP address lookup service

  IP Address Location API: IP address lookup service

  IP2Location API: IP lookup service

  IPAddressLabs API: IP Geolocation Service

  IPGEO API: IP Address Geolocation Service

  IPGP IP Address Geolocation API: IP address lookup service

  IPInfoDB Timezone API: Web based IP timezone lookup service

  IW Location API: Mobile geolocation service

  Lat49 API: Geo-targeted advertising for online maps

  Location Labs Geofence API: Location Alert Service

  Location-API.com API: Mobile location tracking service

  Metro Mapper API: Louisville, Kentucky data maps

  MSHD.net API: Reference information lookup

  Murrion Software IP Address to Geographic Location API: Geolocation service

  NakdReality API: Augmented reality and location-based service

  Onuma WFS API: Building-related geospatial data service

  openBmap API: Find GPS position of cellular networks

  OpenCellID API: Cellular phone location service

  OpenGeoTracker API: GPS data tracking platform

  OpenStreetMap Name Finder API: Location based information service

  Orange Location API: Location Tracking Services

  Panoramio API: photo upload site with organizer and geolocation

  Postcode Anywhere Geocoding API: Geolocation service

  Prototype GeoIP API: IP-to-location service

  Quova API: IP geolocation service

  ShowMyIP API: IP geolocation service

  Sprint Geofencing API: Geolocation support service

  Sprint Location API: Mobile geolocation service

  Telenor Location API: Mobile Phone Positioning Service

  TeliaSonera Developer Location API: Cell based location service

  Unlock API: Name and location mapping service

  Urban Mapping Mapfluence API: Urban geo-spatial data services

  Urban Mapping Neighborhoods API: Urban geo-spatial data services

  Verizon Location API: Mobile geolocation service

  Verizon NavBuilder LocationKit API: Mobile geolocation service

  Vodafone Geolocation API: Mobile geolocation widget

  Wigle API: Wireless network mapping

  WikiLocation API: Find Wikipedia articles based on location

  Xtify API: Android push notification service

  Yahoo Internet Location Platform API: Spatial interoperability and geographic discovery

Wendell Santos




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