62 Real Time APIs: Twitter, Thrutu and Pusher

Wendell Santos
Apr. 17 2012, 10:00AM EDT

Our API directory now includes 62 real time APIs. The newest is the Telsolutions API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is a tie between the Twitter Streaming API and the Thrutu API. We list 5 Twitter Streaming mashups and 5 Thrutu mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of real time APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 43 real time REST APIs and 6 real time SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 41 real time JSON APIs and 38 real time XML APIs.

The most common tags within real time are 11 social real time APIs, 10 internet real time APIs and 8 search real time APIs

On the mashup side, we list 50 real time mashups. We named Now Playing on BBC Radio as mashup of the day in February.

For reference, here is a list of all 62 real time APIs.

  3taps API: Realtime search service

  511 Driving Times API: San Francisco traveler information service

  511 Real-time Transit Departures API: San Francisco traveler information service

  Beacon Push API: Real-time push service

  Boundary API: Real-time cloud environment monitoring service

  BriteVerify API: Realtime email data verification

  Collecta API: Real time search service

  Convore API: Real-time group chat application

  DataSift API: Real-Time Social Data Mining

  Echo StreamServer API: Real time content aggregation platform

  Ericsson Event Source API: Tool for Recieving Push Notifications/Events from a Server

  Facebook Real-time Updates API: Real-Time Updates from Facebook

  filtrbox API: Social media monitoring

  Flickr Real-Time API: Realtime photo updates from Flickr

  Flow API: Real-time information and data platform

  Geckoboard API: Real-time business dashboard

  Guzzle Ayup! API: PubSubHubbub Hub

  IceRocket Blog Search API: Real-time blog search service

  IndexTank API: Realtime fulltext search

  Instagram Real-time API: Real-time image sharing service

  Isidorey API: Connect devices to the cloud

  Kwwika API: Real-time push notifications and messaging service

  Kynetx API: Event-driven application platform

  LiveChat API: Business instant messaging software

  Livestream API: Video Streaming Tools

  Magma API: Video directory and discovery service

  Mapmyuser API: Real time web site analytics

  Marine/Surfing Weather API: Access to live marine/sailer weather

  Meridix LiveID API: Live stream and media access service

  NAC Real-time Conversion API: Worldwide geocoding information service

  NAC Real-time Mapping API: Realtime mapping service

  NAC Real-time Routing API: Realtime driving directions service

  Oahu Transit Services API: Real time transit data service

  OneBusAway API: Realtime Seattle transit information

  OnSIP XMPP API: Real-time notification service

  OpenCarData API: Real time automobile data

  Pachube API: Realtime device and buildings monitoring

  PDX API: Portland geographic and real-time information

  Psydex AG API: Data Mining and Predictive Analysis Service

  Publishflow API: Live Competitor Monitoring for News Publishers

  Push Channels API: Real-time push service

  Pusher API: Real-time push service

  RIPL API: Real-time activity stream service

  Salesforce.com Streaming API: CRM realtime streaming data

  Searchify API: Hosted full-text search service

  SnapEngage Event API: Live chat support

  SnappyTV API: Real-time video and social media advertising platform

  Sports Data API: Real time sports data

  Superfeedr API: Realtime feed parsing service

  Telsolutions API: Multi-channel communications services

  TFL Cycle Hire API: Real-time UK Cycle Hire data service

  ThingSpeak API: Networked device information platform

  Thrutu API: Realtime apps for Android phones

  Topics.io API: Online content aggregation service

  Toronto Transit Commission Real-Time Arrivals API: Real-time Toronto transit information

  Tout Live API: Real-time marketing service

  Trackur API: Social media monitoring tool

  Trafiklab API: Sweden transportation information

  TribeHR WebHook API: Real-time human resources service

  Twitter Streaming API: Public Twitter Stream

  vtriggers API: Realtime cloud publishing platform

  x-stream.ly API: Realtime push messaging service

Wendell Santos