63 Translation APIs: Bing, Google Translate and Google AJAX Language

Wendell Santos
Jan. 15 2013, 08:00AM EST

Our API directory now includes 63 translation APIs. The newest is the TEXTKING API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Bing API. We list 59 Bing mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of translation APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 43 translation REST APIs and 14 translation SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 38 translation XML APIs and 37 translation JSON APIs.

The most common tags within translation are 43 language translation APIs, 26 tools translation APIs and 11 reference translation APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 39 translation mashups. We named Tweaker the Tweet Speaker as mashup of the day in August.

For reference, here is a list of all 63 translation APIs.

  Apertium API: Translation Service

  BBAW G2L API: Greek-Latin text transliteration service

  Bing API: Online search services

  Bing Translator API: Web translation tool

  Cevir Turkish-English Dictionary API: Turkish-English Dictionary look up service

  Chinese Character Web API: Chinese language glyph generation service

  Clickworker API: Crowdsourcing service

  Cloudwords API: Translation project management platform

  Crowdin API: Collaborative translation service

  Detectlanguage.com API: Language detection service

  DigitalClassicist G-Tool API: Greek-to-Latin translation service

  Ebiwrite API: Translation writing tool

  ERMAHGERD Translator API: Meme translation service

  Frengly Translation API: Text translation service

  Get Localization API: Crowdsourcing Translation Service

  Google AJAX Language API: Text translation service

  Google Translate API: Language translation service

  Google Translator Toolkit API: Document translation service

  Google Virtual Keyboard API: Vritual keyboard service

  ICanLocalize API: Translation service

  iTranslate4.eu API: European language translation service

  Kasahorow Dictionaries API: Akan languages dictionaries

  LangId API: Language identification service

  Language Studio Asia Online API: Online translation service

  LetsMT API: Language translation service

  LingoTip Translation API: Document translation service

  Lonelydrops API: Multi-Language Drop Down Service

  Merriam-Webster Dictionary API: Dictionary and thesaurus products

  Microsoft Translator API: Web page and subpage language translation

  MSHD.net API: Reference information lookup

  myGengo Human Translation API: Language translation service

  MyMemory API: Language translation service

  MyMemory HTS API: On demand human translation services

  OCLC Crosswalk API: Metadata translation services

  OneHourTranslation API: Translation service

  OneSkyApp API: Web and mobile app translation management service

  POEditor API: Language localization service

  Social Translator API: Community translation service

  Socialbel API: Community translation service

  SpeakLike Translation API: Translation service

  Sprawk API: Language Detection and Translation Service

  Straker Translation API: Translation services

  Sumibi API: Convert between kanji and romaji

  Supertext Translation API: Online copywriting service

  SYSTRAN Links API: Online translation service

  Ta with you API: Machine translation service

  Talk Like A Pirate Translation API: Pirate Speak Translator

  TauYou T-Image API: Translation technology service

  TEXTKING API: Language translation service

  TextMaster API: Translation, copywriting and proofreading services

  Thesaurus API: Multi-languages thesaurus search service

  Transfluent API: Language translation service

  Transifex API: Collaborative Translation Service

  Translated.net API: Professional translation workflow service

  Translation Cloud API: Language translation service

  Translution API: Automated translation service

  VerbalizeIt API: Language translation service

  Viki API: Global Television Service

  WordChuck API: Translation and Localization Service

  WorldLingo Translation API: Language translation service

  Worldwide Lexicon API: Open source, collaborative language translation service

  Yamli API: Arabic search engine using Latin characters

  Yodaspeak API: Text translation service

Wendell Santos