70 Jobs APIs: Indeed, Simply Hired and CareerBuilder

Wendell Santos
Jan. 23 2013, 07:00AM EST

Our API directory now includes 70 jobs APIs. The newest is the O*NET API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the indeed API. We list 34 indeed mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of jobs APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 42 jobs REST APIs and 14 jobs SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 50 jobs XML APIs and 33 jobs JSON APIs.

The most common tags within jobs are 18 recruiting jobs APIs, 9 enterprise jobs APIs and 8 search jobs APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 72 jobs mashups. We named Ascendify as mashup of the day in [month].

For reference, here is a list of all 70 jobs APIs.

  ApnaCircle API: Business and career networking site

  Authentic Jobs API: Job search services for developers and designers

  Bullhorn Staffing API: Job recruiting info service

  CareerBuilder API: Job and recruiting service

  Careerjet API: Job search service

  CareerOneStop API: U.S. Department of Labor career information service

  Catsone API: Recruiting information service

  Christian Social Graph API: Christian volunteer opportunities directory

  CodeMunch API: Job listing platform

  Cofundos API: Service and network for open source collaboration

  Copify API: Online copywriting agency

  DoYouBuzz API: Resume management platform

  Elance API: Online job marketplace

  Employrium API: Job posting management tool

  EuroCV API: Online Curriculum Vitae service

  Field Nation API: Field technician provider

  Freelancer API: Job search and recruiting service for freelancers

  Getafreelancer API: Freelance programmer database

  Gigwalk API: Mobile workforce service

  Gloomshade API: Remote media company

  Google Base API: Platform for structure and semi-structured data

  Hackruiter API: Job recruiting info service

  Há Greve API: Portugese Strike Information

  HireAbility ALEX API: Résumé document processing and formatting service

  HireRight API: Human resources hiring screening service

  indeed API: Job search services

  Inside Higher Ed API: Higher education job listing

  Interserve Job Openings API: Ministry jobs feed service

  JobCentral Jobs API: Job search services

  JobCrank API: Job search and posting

  Jobg8 API: Job search marketplace

  JobGizmo API: Job search tools

  JobMotel API: Job feeds service

  JobServe API: Job listing and recruitment service

  Juju Publisher API: Job search engine

  JustJobs.ro API: Romanian job search site

  LinkUp Job Search Engine API: Job search service

  LiveWork API: On demand virtual workforce of freelancers

  Masterbranch API: Online platform for developers and development projects

  MobileWorks API: Crowd-sourcing employment platform

  Monster Web Services Toolkit API: Recruiting and job search tools

  O*NET API: U.S. occupation and job information service

  oDesk API: Marketplace for freelancers

  Online Talent Manager API: Workplace-focused personality testing service

  OppsPlace API: MInority employment, and business opportunity service

  Peerlo JobGenie API: Job recruiting and referral service

  PopCV Semantic API: application processing service

  ProfessionL API: Recruitment management platform

  Raveal API: Online job search service

  Reppify API: Online background check service

  Resfly API: Job posting service

  RezScore API: Resume scoring service

  Rijksoverheid CSO API: Dutch government job recruiting service

  Simply Hired Jobs API: Job search services

  SmashFly API: Job board posting service

  TalentBin API: Social recruiting service

  TechSavvy API: Technology job listing site

  teleNetwork API: Tech support outsourcing job application service

  The Interviewr API: Interview scheduling and conducting platform

  Tianji API: Chinese business social networking platform

  Tribe HR API: Online human resource application

  UK Civil Service API: UK public sector job service

  VetSuccess API: U.S. military veterans employment service

  WorkMarket API: Labor Resource Platform

  WriterAccess API: Writing content marketplace and publishing platform

  WyzAnt ShareASale Affiliate Program API: Online tutoring marketplace

  Zijob API: French job search service

  Zipster API: Australian job search site

  Zoho Recruit API: Applicant tracking system

  Zubka API: Job board and referral service

Wendell Santos