81 News APIs: Digg, FanFeedr and ClearForest

Wendell Santos
Feb. 01 2012, 12:00PM EST

Our API directory now includes 81 news APIs. The newest is the New York Times Events API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Digg API. We list 69 Digg mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of news APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 65 news REST APIs and 7 news SOAP APIs. In a change from most categories, JSON is the leading data format used by news APIs. Our directory lists 57 news JSON APIs and 53 news XML APIs.

The most common tags within news are 13 news search APIs, 10 news reference APIs and 6 government news APIs

On the mashup side, we list 371 news mashups. We named Time Machine as mashup of the day in January.

For reference, here is a list of all 81 news APIs.

  10x10 API: Photo and news analysis service

  Associated Press API: News database

  BetaSignal API: News aggregator

  Bordom RPC (BRAX) API: Crowd-sourced strange news service

  Chronicling America API: Archive of US newspapers

  Civicboom API: News crowdsourcing platform

  ClearForest Semantic Web Services1 API: Natural language processing tools

  Daylife API: Online News Service

  Digest Report API: Independent journalism website

  Digg API: Community driven news links and ratings

  Dipity API: Interactive timeline creation services

  DocumentCloud API: Upload and Share Documents

  El Nuevo Dia APEX API: Online newspaper

  EveryBlock API: Hyperlocal data and news aggregator

  FanFeedr Sports News API: Sports news and information service

  Feedzilla API: News feed aggregator

  Findory API: Personalized news aggregation

  Foxcentral News Service API: Programming language news service

  Fwix API: Geolocation and location-based content service

  Fwix Local News API: Local news service

  Fwix Wire API: Local news gathering service

  Globedia API: News aggregation service

  Golem.de API: News article discovery service

  Guardian API: UK newspaper

  High Gear Media API: Automotive reviews and news

  HNSearch API: Hacker News search engine

  iMente API: News search and aggregation service

  Mapping L.A. API: Geographic boundary service

  Moreover API: News delivery

  myFeedz API: Blog services

  MyNewsdesk API: MyNewsdesk - The News Exchange Site

  n0tice API: Public notice board

  Nevistas News API: Hotel and Travel News Search Service

  New York Times Article Search API: New York Times article archives

  New York Times Best Sellers API: New York Times best-seller lists data

  New York Times Campaign Finance API: U.S. campaign finance data

  New York Times Community API: Access user-generated NYTimes.com content

  New York Times Congress API: US Congress historical data

  New York Times Districts API: Political districts service

  New York Times Events API: Event listing service

  New York Times Most Popular API: News popularity service

  New York Times Movie Reviews API: NY Times newspaper movie review archives

  New York Times Newswire API: All recent New York Times articles in summary

  New York Times NY State Legislature API: NY State legislative member information

  New York Times TimesPeople API: New York Times service for TimesPeople data

  New York Times TimesTags API: News tagging service

  NewsCloud API: Social news service

  NewsCred Platform API: News syndication service

  Newsfeed Lab API: News feed and activity stream service

  NewsIsFree API: Online news aggregation

  NewsKnowledge API: News and business information service

  NPR API: US National Public Radio

  ODP Search API: Article and journal search and aggregator

  Outside.in API: Hyperlocal news and information aggregator

  Patch API: Community-specific news and information service

  Press Association Sport API: UK sports data service

  Recorded Future News Analytics API: Query News Analytics Database

  Reddit API: Social news service

  Reuters Spotlight API: Reuters.com content service

  SemanticWire API: Semantic news reader service

  Silo Breaker API: News and information service

  Spinn3r API: Blog search index service

  Stocklytics Stock News API: Stock news service

  Syndic8 API: News feed aggregation services

  Tailrank API: Blog search and news aggregation service

  Univision API: Spanish language content provider

  Unofficial Hacker News API: News and comment service

  USA Today API: News service

  USA Today Best-Selling Books API: Best-Selling Books Information Service

  USA Today Book Reviews API: Book review service

  USA Today Movie Reviews API: Movie review service

  USA Today Music Reviews API: Music reviews service

  USA Today Snapshots API: Statistics

  USA Today Sports Salaries API: Sports information service

  Voter Guide Toolkit API: Issue and candidate support information service

  vtriggers API: Realtime cloud publishing platform

  Wellynews API: Wellington New Zealand news search

  XigniteNews API: U.S. financial, economic and business news

  XigniteOutlook API: US financial market daily news updates

  XigniteReleases API: Company news releases

  YourStreet API: Geocoding news article service

Wendell Santos