96 Stocks APIs: Bloomberg, NASDAQ and E*TRADE

Wendell Santos
May. 22 2013, 10:00AM EDT

Our API directory now includes 96 stocks APIs. The newest is the Eurex VALUES API. The most popular, in terms of directory page views, is the Bloomberg API. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of stocks APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 55 stocks REST APIs and 42 stocks SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 64 stocks XML APIs and 18 stocks JSON APIs.
The most common tags within stocks are 53 financial stocks APIs, 46 finance stocks APIs and 18 trading stocks APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 15 stocks mashups. We named Stock Price Scanner as mashup of the day in June. For reference, here is a list of all 96 stocks APIs.

  360T API: Stock Trading Service

  ABN AMRO Markets API: Dutch stock market information service

  Backstop API: Alternative asset management software

  getQuote API: Real-time stock price data

  Bclear API: Over-the-counter securities trading service

  Bloomberg API: Financial markets data service

  BSE Stock Quotes API: Indian stock exchange information service

  CDYNE Delayed Stock Quote API: Stock quote service

  Collective2 API: Stock trading system automator

  Deutsche-Boerse VALUES API: Financial Information Exchange Service

  E*TRADE API: Access to E*Trade services for applications

  Easy-forex API: Forex trading platform

  Empirasign API: Security markets data and trading model provider

  EODData API: Stock market historical data

  eSignal Market Data API: Stock market data service

  Eurex VALUES API: Financial Exchange Service

  EZX iServer API: FIX Routing and Normalization Service

  Financial Content JavaScript Quote API: Market data and stock quotes service

  Financial Content XML Quote API: Stock and market price data service

  FinancialContent Fundamental Data API: Stock and market price data service

  FinancialContent Stock Chart API: Stock market charts creation service

  FinancialContent Symbol Map API: Stock and market price data service

  Finotec API: Stock Trading Service

  ForexYard API: Automated Trading Service

  FreeStockCharts API: Stock and financial market data and charting service

  FuturePrice Data API: live NYSE shares feed

  Gama System Stock Quotes API: Stock and index value data service

  Google Finance Portfolio API: Investing portfolio services

  ICE Data API: Global securities market data service

  JunoTrade API: Online stock trading service

  Just2Trade API: Securities Trading Service

  kaChing API: Social investment service

  Knight Hotspot FX API: Market Data Service

  LMAX Exchange Trading API: Trading and Market Data Service

  MadScan Signals API: Financial Data Filter Service

  MarketConnect API: Italian securities market information service

  Marketiva Streamster API: Online trading service

  Markit Data API: Market Data Service

  MBT Quote API: Stock Quote Service

  Mergent Annual Reports API: Business information service

  Mergent Company Fundamentals API: Business information service

  Mergent Corporate Actions and Dividends API: Business information service

  Mergent Executives API: Business information service

  Mergent Historical Securities Data API: Historical stock service

  Millistream Market Data API: Securities markets information service

  Myfxbook API: Forex trading service

  NASDAQ Data-On-Demand API: NASDAQ historical stock quote data servcie

  Online Commodity Broker Certigo API: Futures/Commodity Trading and Quote Service

  OptionsXpress API: API and Mobile Trading Platform

  Orbis API: Electronic financial trading service

  PowerOptions API: Options Trading Service

  RestFul Web Services Financial API: Suite of financial services

  SEC Watch API: Corporate filings service

  ServiceObjects DOTS Fast Quote API: Stock quote and information service

  SixFinancial API: Financial Information Service

  StatPro API: Financial portfolio analysis service

  Stock Market Data API: Stock market data service

  Stocklytics Company Data API: Company Data Lookup Service

  Stocklytics Historical Stock Prices API: Historical Stock Price lookup service

  Stocklytics Stock News API: Stock news service

  Stocklytics Stock Tweets API: Realtime tweets about stocks

  StockTwits API: Real-time idea network for investors and traders

  StrikeIron Midnight Trader Financial News API: Financial news service

  TaqTiqa API: Historical Financial Market Trades and Quotes Service

  TD Ameritrade Veo API: Financial advisor platform

  TradeKing API: Stock trading and investment service

  Tradervue API: Stock trading journal

  TTAGG Stock API: Stock Data Service

  TurboTrader API: Open Trading Service

  WorldDataSource API: Financial Data Feed Service

  XigniteBondMaster API: Reference data for active and mature bonds

  XigniteBonds API: Bond price data service

  XigniteBondsRealTime API: Real time bonds price data service

  XigniteCorporateActions API: Corporate actions data service

  XigniteEarningsCalendar API: Earning calendar information service

  XigniteEnergy API: Energy futures quotes service

  XigniteExchanges API: Provides operating hours for world securities exchanges

  XigniteFundHoldings API: Mutual fund holdings disclosure service

  XigniteGlobalBondMaster API: Corporate bond information service

  XigniteGlobalFundamentals API: Stock fundamentals lookup service

  XigniteGlobalRealTime API: Real time international stock quotes

  XigniteHistorical API: Closing prices for U.S. equities

  XigniteIndices API: Closing index values for U.S. and world indices

  XigniteInsider API: Real-time corporate insider transactions

  XigniteLogos API: Company logo service

  XigniteNASDAQLastSale API: Stock price service for NASDAQ listings

  XigniteOutlook API: US financial market daily news updates

  XigniteQuotes API: Market quotes for U.S. equities and ETFs

  XigniteRealTimeOptions API: Options price quotes service

  XigniteReleases API: Company news releases

  XigniteScreener API: Equities screening service

  XigniteSecurity API: Global Securities Master Listing

  XigniteSecurity API: Stock exchanges master company lists

  XigniteTranscripts API: Earnings calls transcripts service

  XigniteVWAP API: Volume-Weighted average stock price tracking

  XigniteWatchLists API: Symbol based watchlist management

  Zacks Financial Data API: Investment research service

Wendell Santos




I am looking to develope a virtual stock  market simulation... as i am novice dev , i can't afford live feed .

Will this API be useful for me ?

I am looking for an API which is free and provides data (Historical) from different sources.