APIs Drive the New Touch.Salesforce.com Platform

Kin Lane
Sep. 08 2011, 12:00AM EDT

Last week at the Dreamforce event in San Francisco, Saleforce.com unveiled its new mobile platform called touch.salesforce.com. Built with HTML5, touch.salesforce.com will allow users to access salesforce.com apps on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. At Dreamforce, Saleforce.com acknowledged that the future of the enterprise is both social and mobile, and the Salesforce.com APIs are a driving force.

Since Salesforce.com heavily invested in their API infrastructure it makes the move to mobile much easier, with the interfaces necessary to build mobile applications already in place. The new touch.salesforce.com platform is not just a mobile version of salesforce.com, its a platform that force.com developers can build upon and deploy their own iPhone, iPad and Android applications.

Salesforce.com has provided developers with a wealth or resources to build and deploy native mobile or HTML5 apps using the new touch.salesforce.com platform.  Just like with traditional Salesforce.com application development, developers can leverage Salesforce.com APIs, their own APIs, and 3rd party APIs to drive the data, content and functionality of their applications.

The social and mobile movement may have been born out of the consumer space, but using APIs and HTML5, Saleforce.com is helping bring it to the enterprise masses, with their new touch.salesforce.com platform.

Kin Lane I am a programmer and entrepreneur, with a focus on the business of APIs. I study how APIs are changing the business landscape, and the rise of API driven developer ecosystems. I share my insights by blogging on API Evangelist and ProgrammableWeb, and put into action as API evangelist for CityGrid.