Best New Mashups: Music Mashups Set the Tone

Kevin Sundstrom
Feb. 01 2013, 12:50PM EST

In the past week we have had three outstanding music mashups named Mashup of The Day. These mashups use a combined 7 APIs, including the API. If you are looking for a way to find, enjoy, or research music, these mashups can help you out. In this post we will highlight these mashups, starting with BeatStriker.

BeatStriker - BeatStriker is a great example of how music mashups can be fun and exciting, while still being innovative. Warm up your webcam and get involved in this fun game. APIs used include: Echo Nest and SoundCloud. More at our BeatStriker Profile.

Beathound - Beathound is a service that is designed to simplify music discovery by looking for new music by artists that you already listen to. APIs used include: iTunes & App Store Search,, and Rdio. Check out more at our Beathound Profile.

Music Explorer - This application allows android users to see an aggregate of information on their favorite artists. Information returned includes: discographies, biographies, lyrics, and where to buy links. APIs used include: Discogs and LyrDB. Check out more at out Music Explorer Profile.

Kevin Sundstrom



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