Best New Mashups: New Twists on Twitter

Adam DuVander
Oct. 06 2010, 01:16PM EDT

We see a lot of Twitter mashups. Many are simply a new interface for Twitter search, but sometimes we see a new take on it and want to share them more broadly. Often, these become Mashup of the Day, as was the case with the three Twitter mashups below, each with a new take on the microblogging service's API.

  • Country Music Twitter Chart: A numerical ranking based on popularity of country music artists. APIs: Twitter. More at our Country Music Twitter Chart profile.
  • Country Music Twitter Chart

  • Twizzer: Twitter game using random tweets. Guess whether or not the next tweet will... be a retweet, contain a hash tag, or have all the letters of the alphabet. APIs: Google App Engine, Google Chart, Twitter. More at our Twizzer profile.
  • Twizzer

  • Twitter2Email: Filters tweets of a specified Twitter account and sends them by email to specified email addresses. APIs: Twitter. More at our Twitter2Email profile.
  • Twitter2Email

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