Best New Mashups: Real Estate Goes Everywhere

Adam DuVander
Feb. 21 2011, 08:00AM EST

Potentially no industry was impacted as much as real estate by mapping APIs. Over five years later, it takes more than pins on a slippy map to create a useful real estate mashup. The three below are worth noting because each uses a different platform: web, WordPress and Android. Of course, we know our directory of 229 real estate mashups doesn't cover everything. Get the word out and add a mashup.

  • Greener Pastures: Greener pastures ranks U.S. cities based on the greenness of their available housing stock. In a graph, each line represent a city's greenness over time. You can hover over a line to see which city it represents and compare. APIs: Brighter Planet Emission Estimates, Zillow. More at our Greener Pastures profile.
  • Greener Pastures

  • AgentRank for WordPress: A WordPress Plugin that conveniently displays an agent's AgentRank data- profile, sales, reviews, forecasts, etc., from RealtyBaron. APIs: AgentRank. More at our AgentRank for WordPress profile.
  • AgentRank for WordPress

  • Real Estate Answers for Android: Unlock knowledge of the local market and gain an edge when buying or selling real estate. Answers are provided by local real estate agents eager to represent you in a transaction. APIs: RealtyBaron Answers. More at our Real Estate Answers for Android profile.
  • Real Estate Answers for Android

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