Best New Mashups: TweetCongress, SemantalyzR

John Musser
Dec. 17 2008, 03:42AM EST

A quick update on a couple of the more interesting new mashups from the past week (our directory is up to 3,500+ mashups using 400+ APIs):

John Musser




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Thanks for the shout-out on SemantalyzR, a user-developed application that incorporates Open Calais functionality in creative ways. For other applications (developed by the Calais team as well as other users), see
Fran Sansalone
Calais Community Manager


Hilarious - GO to the Tweet Congress site and click on "states". Pick a state ( Texas for example )you'll see a list of the politicians who do use Twitter - but note the one's who don't...

...the get a machine generated speech bubble with funny expressions. Ha!