Best New Mashups: What it Takes to be Map-tastic

Adam DuVander
Nov. 16 2010, 12:00AM EST

With roughly one-third of our entire mashup directory composed of mapping mashups, we've come to expect a lot if a site plans to use a map. That said, we're still big fans of maps and are always excited to see something new. Each of the mashups below brought something new, whether it's interaction, data, visualization--or all three.

  • Map My Followers: Uses Google Maps and Twitter APIs to show where your Twitter followers are coming from and what they're interested in. APIs: Google Maps, Twitter. More at our Map My Followers profile.
  • Map My Followers

  • Xtracked: Xtracked turns your mobile phone into a personal and professional GPS tracking system. A powerful web-based track analyzer combining charts, maps and reports. APIs: AddThis Menu, Blogger, Google Maps, Twitter. More at our Xtracked profile.
  • Xtracked

  • Stadtkinder: Find out what events are going on in your city, which locations are hot right now and where your friends are. Currently only supports select cities in Austria. APIs: Brightkite, Facebook, Foursquare, Google Gears Geolocation, Google Maps, Gowalla, Layar, Twitter. More at our Stadtkinder profile.
  • Stadtkinder

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