Best New Mashups: Who's Feeling Aggregated?

Adam DuVander
Apr. 08 2010, 01:52AM EDT

One of the most powerful aspects of mashups is taking similar data from competing websites and providing a single place to examine the content. In this round-up of the best new mashups we'll look at three apps that aggregate data from multiple services. One looks at location check-ins, another at shared photos and another mashes photos with information about where they were taken.

  • Checkin Mania: Find out who is checking in around you. APIs: Foursquare, Google Maps, Gowalla. More at our Checkin Mania profile.
  • Checkin Mania

  • Pictarine: A social network to share photos. It collects automatically all your photos and contacts from Facebook, Flickr and Picasa and allows you to share your photos with your friends whatever their website is. APIs: Facebook, Flickr, Google App Engine, Google Contacts, Google Picasa. More at our Pictarine profile.
  • Pictarine

  • PicTell: Self Describing Photos: PicTell is a Geolenz + Panoramio mashup. Geotagged photos are requested from Panoramio and are annotated dynamically and on-the-fly with rich, contextual descriptions from the Geolenz contextual geocoding services. APIs: Geolenz, Panoramio. More at our PicTell: Self Describing Photos profile.
  • PicTell: Self Describing Photos

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