Developers of CamFind App Release Image Recognition API to General Public

Janet Wagner, Contributing Writer
Sep. 18 2013, 02:00PM EDT

Image Searcher, Inc., an image recognition and mobile search technology company, has announced the public release of the Image Searcher Image Recognition API which leverages the same technology used to power the CamFind and TapTapSee applications. CamFind is a visual mobile search app and TapTapSee is an app designed for the blind and visually impaired.


The Image Searcher Image Recognition API is available via Mashape and is an alternative to the IQ Engines API which was recently acquired by Yahoo. Developers can use the new API to include image recognition functionality into third-party applications. CEO and Co-Founder of Image Searcher, Inc., Dominik Mazur states for the press release that:

"This is a major milestone for our company. Since releasing CamFind into the Apple AppStore we've received dozens of emails asking if we have our image recognition API available to developers. We can finally provide outside developers with access to our previously proprietary back-end technology which powers our hugely popular app CamFind."

Image recognition technology makes it possible for applications like CamFind to provide detailed information for nearly any object based on a picture of the object taken by the app user.

For more information about the Image Searcher Image Recognition API or the CamFind app, visit

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