Digg Mashup Contest Top 3 Finalists

John Musser
May. 28 2007, 04:37AM EDT

The Digg API Visualization Contest ends this week but they've opened the voting to all Digg members. There are 10 finalists remaining. Just go to the Digg page above and place your vote. We've listed three of the leading finalists on ProgrammableWeb. Here they are:

  • Digg City: Shows the 10 newest popular stories. The more popular the story gets, the taller the building. When someone diggs the story, a stick figure representing that user is added. By Chris Alvares.
  • Digg Charts: Adobe Flex application that generates charts comparing popular stories. Additionally, a graph is generated showing a selected story's popularity over time. The user view allows viewing a users popular submitted stories.
  • Digg Expose: This project takes snap.com shots of pages from Digg and displays them in a configurable view. Drag the images around, sort them, or change the category. By Hart Woolery.
John Musser