"Don't Use Our Private API," They Said Snark.ly

Adam DuVander
Feb. 10 2012, 06:19PM EST

Sniffing for API calls from mobile applications has become the hip new way to open platforms that aren't yet ready for outside developers. Usually broadly-written terms and conditions essentially forbid this sort of usage, but it still happens. Snark.ly, a new iPhone app for people to share their funny one-liners, has gone a step further and expressly forbids the use of its private API in its terms.

"You must not access Snark.ly's private API," the Snark.ly terms read, "By any other means other than the Snark.ly iPhone application itself."

For more legal document spelunking, check out API terms and conditions done right.

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Hi Adam, I'm Andrew Playford, the co-founder and CEO of Snark.ly.

I would say don't read too much into the version 1.0 of our legal documents. We only just launched and its not like we've been spending a bunch of time or money creating water-tight legal templates.

In fact, I just whipped it them out myself, borrowing and editing accordingly...and I'm no lawyer! I probably saw that line in someone else's documents and thought "looks good to me!".

We just figured we better slap something up! We will revisit them when our product starts taking more shape. Right now we are 100% focused on the user experience.

However, thanks for noticing!

Best regards