Facebook Introduces Shared Activity Plugin and Other Platform Updates

Janet Wagner, Contributing Writer
Sep. 26 2012, 09:00AM EDT

Last week Facebook rolled out several platform updates pertaining to Authentication, Social Plugins and the Graph API. Several key features were added to the platform; introduction of a new access token API endpoint, the launch of the Shared Activity Plugin and real-time update settings were added to the App Dashboard.

Real-Time Updates in App Dashboard

Image Credit: Developer Blog

New Access Token API Endpoint

Facebook has added a new API endpoint that will help with debugging authentication access tokens. The new endpoint allows developers to check information associated with access tokens programmatically instead of having to use the debug tool page.

Shared Activity plugin

The newly launched Shared Activity Plugin gives users a way to "curate and control the privacy of their activities on your site that are shared back to Facebook." For example, a user could set the "default audience" for their sharing activity directly from the app instead of having to set them at the Facebook App Center. The Shared Activity Plugin provides Facebook users another way to control how their activities are shared.

Real-time Updates Added to the App Dashboard

Settings for real-time updates have now been added to the App Dashboard. Real-time updates are provided via the Graph API, and allow applications to "subscribe to changes in the social graph." This addition to the App Dashboard makes it possible for developers to configure subscriptions for specific objects and receive callbacks when the objects are modified.

To read about the latest Facebook platform updates and other developer news, visit the Facebook Developer Blog.

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