Facebook Launches Flexible Sentences Feature to Help Create Better Open Graph Stories

Janet Wagner, Contributing Writer
Jan. 04 2013, 08:00AM EST

Facebook has just launched Flexible Sentences, a new feature that provides Facebook app developers the ability to control how Open Graph stories appear in Facebook Timelines. Open Graph stories are generated when an app publishes an Open Graph action that has been created using the Facebook Graph API.

The Flexible Sentences feature helps prevent awkward and grammatically incorrect sentences from being generated and displayed on an app users Facebook timeline. The feature also helps to provide better context for sentences when needed. Proper context is especially important since Open Graph stories are published on Timelines, News Feeds and elsewhere on Facebook.

Facebook Flexible Sentences

Before and After, Improved Sentence Context -- Image Credit: Facebook Developer Blog

Flexible Sentences is available for custom actions only. Developers that follow best practices when creating Open Graph Stories will most likely not need to utilize the Flexible Sentences feature. However, in some cases verb tenses and incorrect sentences may occur if the Flexible Sentences feature is not utilized. For more information, please see the Flexible Sentences documentation.

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