Font Squirrel API: Commercial-Use Free Fonts and Web Typography

Diego Montalvo
Jan. 13 2012, 01:00PM EST

Font Squirrel can help you and your applications find new fonts. The Font Squirrel API allows users to retrieve hundreds of fonts that are "font-face-ready," which can be used on web sites using CSS or CSS3. The API provides categorical listings, font lists and the ability to download complete sets of @font-face fonts. Font Squirrel uses RESTFul calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Font Squirrel provides four sets of results:
Four Squirrel

  • Classifications: Retrieves a list of all the categories with a count of how many families are in that category.
  • Families: Retrieves a list of font families. You can specify ‘all’, or a specific classification name {name}. I.e., /api/fontlist/Handdrawn
  • Family details: Will output information about each font in the family, including family name, style name, glyph count, filename, font-face family, and font image URL. I.e., /api/familyinfo/GoodDog
  • Kit download: Download a font-face kit with TTF/WOFF/SVG/EOT formats in the western language (MacRoman) subset.

Font Squirrel

There is also a Drupal Squirrel Module if you would like to integrate Font Squirrel services into your Drupal installation.

Font Squirrel is one of 7 font APIs in our directory.

Diego Montalvo