Geo OpenSocial

John Musser
Nov. 07 2007, 12:52AM EST

One of the little interesting details in the new OpenSocial API (our profile here) is the inclusion of structured geographic data elements in the data. The People Data API includes the GeoRSS element named "GeoLocation" with GML lat-lon positions. The document describes it as "Geographic location of the user. This may be approximate, or rounded off to the nearest city."


Just as so many of today's mapping mashups demonstrate, there's lots of opportunity for building on this data. [via and via]

John Musser




If OpenSocial is going to be part of, or supported by, Android, then yes, the geodata is important. Extrapolate out to post January spectrum auction, assuming Google wins it, the mythical Gphone will push location based ad to you via the OpenSocial/Android/GPS enabled Gphone.

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