Google App Engine Version 1.8.1 Released

Janet Wagner, Contributing Writer
Jun. 14 2013, 08:00AM EDT

Google has announced the release of Google App Engine version 1.8.1. which includes bug fixes and several significant changes. Google App Engine allows applications to be maintained, managed and run using Google infrastructure.


The Google App Engine 1.8.1 release includes several key changes:

  • The Search API is now a preview release. Applications that incorporate the Search API can perform search functions on structured data such as plain text, HTML, atom, etc. Please note that because the Search API is a preview release, there will now be fees for operations and storage.
  • The Google Cloud Storage Client Library is a preview release and will eventually replace the experimental Cloud Storage Files API.
  • Task Queues API is now included in Google App Engine. This API allows developers to add tasks to any Task Queue without blocking.
  • Python and PHP applications can now be deployed via the Git tool.

A complete list of changes included in the Google App Engine 1.8.1 release can be found in the official release notes.

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