Google's Latest Efforts to Showcase Developers, APIs

Adam DuVander
Feb. 24 2012, 08:57AM EST

There are 96 Google APIs in our directory. The search giant has been working on a single site to house the developer offerings. It has come a step closer to that, launching a new app gallery to showcase many of the apps developers have made. The company also unveiled a new "Google Developers" logo.

The site and its app gallery currently show 133 mashups. Most are geo-related apps, which shows the popularity of the Google Maps API.

An announcement post describes the site's aim: wasn’t built in a day (it’s been around for almost 7 years), and it will take some time to make the new Google Developers site at your single destination for all the resources we offer. But we’re working toward that goal every day. Soon, all our information will be on this new Google Developers site, and Google Code will return to its roots as an open source project hosting service.

There's also a cute video (embedded below) introducing the site.

via Sylvain Weber and Maxime Tiran

Adam DuVander -- Adam heads developer relations at Orchestrate, a database-as-a-service company. He's spent many years analyzing APIs and developer tools. Previously he worked at SendGrid, edited ProgrammableWeb and wrote for Wired and Webmonkey. Adam is also the author of mapping API cookbook Map Scripting 101.