How Twitter's 1 API Gave Birth to 43 New APIs

Adam DuVander
Apr. 07 2010, 12:41AM EDT

While Twitter mashups continue their tremendous growth, there's another area we're also noticing blossom: APIs that are based on the Twitter API. It's a growing trend, and we now have 43 Twitter-derived APIs in our directory. These developer-created apps and platforms process data from Twitter, adding value, and in-turn share that back out for developers via their own API. In essence, the Twitter API is the basis for a growing stack of APIs. And it's one more way that the Internet Operating System will mimic OS's and platforms of the past: one platform builds on another, and another builds on that one, and on it goes.

We've written about some of these before, such as the mutual friends API and profile search API. We also noted data re-sharing as a Twitter API best practice in Twitter Developer Tips From the Guy Who Wrote the Book.

For reference, here are all 43 Twitter-derived APIs:

  Auto Follow Friday API: Twitter contact listing service

  BackTweets API: Twitter link search service API: Twitter web based client, url shortener and image sharing

  Chirpio API: Social rating tool

  FileSocial API: Twitter file sharing service API: Twitter user information service

  follow cost API: Find the follow cost of a Twitter account

  Intersect API: List mutual Twitter followers

  JumboTweet API: URL shortener

  Let's Be Trends API: Trend tracking on Twitter

  Penolo API: Twitter sketching tool

  ScreenTweet API: Media sharing service

  Summize Twitter Search API: Search Twitter tweets service

  SuperTweet API: Twitter analysis, metadata, and monetization services

  Tagalus API: A dictionary for Twitter hashtags

  tagdef API: Twitter hashtag definitions

  Tipjoy API: Aggregator monetization services

  TweepSearch API: Twitter profile search services

  Tweet Scan API: Twitter and search results service

  TweetARun API: Get access to your running records that have been recorded on TweetARun

  Tweetburner API: Twitter link tracking service

  TweetFeel Twitter Sentiment API: Twitter customer expereince tracking tool

  tweethook API: Twitter search data retrieval

  TweetLater API: Twitter tweet scheduling tool

  Tweetmeme API: Twitter link popularity service

  TweetPhoto API: Twitter photo sharing service

  TweetRL API: Revenue sharing twitter article service

  TweetShrink API: Tweet shortening service

  Twinfluence API: Twitter profile analysis service

  Twitgoo API: Twitter image sharing service

  Twitlbl API: Twitter data analysis service

  TwitPic API: Share photos on Twitter

  TwitrPix API: Photo sharing service for Twitter

  twitsnaps API: Twitter photo sharing

  Twitter Grader API: Twitter user ratings service

  TwitterCounter API: Twitter user statistics data

  Twittervision API: Location based data for the Twitter service

  Twivatar API: Twitter avatar service API: Twitter music sharing service

  Vidly API: Video sharing service

  What The Trend? API: Twitter trending service

  Zutual API: Twitter user comparison service

  Zutual API: Twitter analysis service

Adam DuVander -- Adam heads developer relations at Orchestrate, a database-as-a-service company. He's spent many years analyzing APIs and developer tools. Previously he worked at SendGrid, edited ProgrammableWeb and wrote for Wired and Webmonkey. Adam is also the author of mapping API cookbook Map Scripting 101.



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