Intel's MashMaker Coming Soon

John Musser
Jul. 06 2007, 12:10AM EDT

Intel is about to announce a new mashup construction tool call MashMaker later this month according to this story in vnunet [via]. Intel researchers demonstrated the appliction at Research at Intel Day last month. From the description in this Intel research paper from SIGMOD 07 (PDF) and this paper from Intel (PDF) it has elements of intelligent scraping tools like Kapow and Dapper as well as aspects of IBM QEDWiki, Yahoo Pipes, Google MyMaps and other new tools (see below).

MashMaker is an interactive tool for editing, querying, manipulating, and visualizing “live” semi-structured data. MashMaker borrows ideas from word processors, web browsers, and spreadsheets. Like a word processor, MashMaker allows ad-hoc, unstructured editing of data. Like a web browser, MashMaker encourages users to find information by exploring, rather than by writing queries. Like a spreadsheet, MashMaker allows users to mix computed values with their data, including editing “live” (i.e., continuously-updated) data assembled through the web and/or user queries.

The goal of MashMaker is to allow non-expert users to easily create their own mashups based on data and queries produced by other users and by remote sites...MashMaker differs from previous work on personal information management through its focus on ad-hoc, interactive data exploration and manipulations, rather than structure extraction and support for just querying the data.

Silicon Valley Slueth has this video of MashMaker with a demo showing how to combine rental and restaurant listings.

This will join the growing ranks of mashup creation tools from big players. See our earlier coverage of Google Mashup Editor (with its own Mashup Editor API), Microsoft Popfly, IBM's QEDWiki and Yahoo Pipes.

John Musser



[...] Intel对开发工具觊觎已久,之前一直和Microsoft合同在身不敢造次,后来还是忍不住release了一个C++编译优化器,但没有多大的反响。web2.0时代现在机会来了,Intel居然也做了一个Mushup编辑器MashMaker。还没有开放出来,感兴趣的朋友可以下载这个文档。 [...]