Maestro Conducts a Nimble Cloud Music API

Garrett Wilkin
Jul. 12 2011, 08:10AM EDT

Maestro.Fm wants to take your music experience to cloud nine, maybe even ten.  Actually that could be a little overstated, but at least they are going to use cloud computing to do it.  With a functionality similar to Google Music, a little application runs on your PC and uploads all your music to Maestro.  Once it’s there, it’s augmented with album art, lyrics, and other lovely decorations.  It’s kind of like a music library makeover.  Google already has a thick collection of API services.  Will they be interested in opening Google Music up for developer access?  Don't wait around and wonder, the API is already here.

The Maestro has a social experience in mind for you as well.  Perhaps taking a beat from MixCloud's music discovery and promotion service, Maestro offers playlist creation, sharing, and popularity tracking.  The shared playlist is a great way to enable users to satisfy that inner DJ that they so badly want to express.

Maestro wants to make a user’s music library available anywhere.  Providing a well-documented API was probably the only feasible option of reaching that goal.  The Maestro API is full featured as well, which is going to enable developers to create full fledged music applications.  The API allows for control of playback, meaning you can actually play music inside your app, which is a big win.  The API is RESTful HTTP with XML responses.

Garrett Wilkin