Mashup Camp Mashups

John Musser
Jul. 19 2007, 12:38AM EDT

There are some very interesting entries in the best mashup competition at Mashup Camp 4 this week. Here is a sample:

  • Twitterlicious: Twitter mashed-up with When you are viewing your or a friends timeline, you have the option to clip the tweet. This saves the tweet URL tweet in your account as a private link with a specific tag so you view it later. For more, you can check-out this good video from Mashup Camp organizer David Berlind with Twitterlicious developer Myk O'Leary.
  • Bookmark Cleaner helps you keep you bookmarks clean and safe. It allows searches like: A malware and phishing site search A search for cleaning bookmarks with a particular tag and a search for links that no longer exist, aka 404 not found.

One of the leading candidates is new Flash-based video aggregation service that we profiled last week in New Mashups for Video and Music Search.

John Musser




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