John Musser
Nov. 03 2005, 06:50AM EST

Well, it didn't take long: The new Y! Maps API was released only yesterday but the mashups have already started to come in, and indeed, they are 'flashier' than any before:

  • Chad Dickerson, Ravi Dronamraju and the team at Yahoo! created this amazing 'mega-mashup'. As the site says: The Event Browser queries Yahoo! Local Events via a map-driven experience leveraging the new Yahoo! Maps AJAX API. We'll start you out in a map view of San Francisco, looking at all events for today and the next two days. Pick another location, other days, or a particular type of event to see all the events that the Event Browser finds that match your choices.
  • geobloggers

  • And another wow-factor mashup comes from Rev Dan Cat at geobloggers showing-off what's now possible with a bit a geocoding, Flash, photos and more in the mix. Other details at his blog.

You have to see them to realize what's now possible.

Update: Nice detailed review at Solution Watch and lots of links from Jeremy Zawodny.

John Musser



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