Microsoft Maps Mashups

John Musser
Sep. 30 2005, 12:15AM EDT

A interesting set of mashups built on Microsoft MapPoint and MSN Virtual Earth (many available at the Virtual Earth Gallery):

  • NASA Space Station Map: See the current location of the NASA Space Station overlaid onto a MSN Virtual Earth (VE) map.
  • geotagr: Use MSN Virtual Earth to geotag your Flickr photos or browse tagged photos on VE maps.
  • Blog Explorer: Find and browse blogs by location with MapPoint maps and FeedMap.
  • News Events Mapped: Mashup of news events (via MSNBC) mapped onto Virtual Earth maps
  • PhotoMap: Nikhil Kothari's photos of San Diego area mapped by location on Virtual Earth. Nice DHTML effects.
  • America 24/7: Virtual Earth used to plot photos from the America 24/7 project.
John Musser



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