MTV API Now in Public Beta: Music Videos Anyone?

Andres Ferrate
Sep. 05 2008, 08:31PM EDT

Music video content provider MTV recently announced that its Content API is out of private beta and available to the general public. Available as part of a new MTV Networks Developers Tools web site, the RESTful API gives access to content from MTV, VH1, CMT and Logo. The API supports a variety of open standards including OpenSearch and MediaRSS (see our new MTV API profile for more details).

The API gives access to every music video in the MTV archive (plus all the related metadata) and currently does not require an API key (although one may be required after the API moves out of beta).

According to the MTV Networks Developers Tools web site, the API could be used to develop a variety of applications and mashups, including:

  • Build a music video gallery of MTV, VH1, CMT or LOGO artists.
  • Create an application to send music video dedications to friends on Facebook, MySpace, Flux or just about any other social network.
  • Mine our expansive music video archive to create the music application of your dreams.
  • Fashion a WordPress plug-in to dynamically pull music videos into blog posts.

The API's documentation pages present developers with a variety of information, including methods and response formats. A discussion forum provides developers with a medium for information exchange and troubleshooting.

It's notable that MTV has made so much of its content available for developers. We look forward to seeing how this API will be used in mashups and applications, and certainly hope to see at least a few nostalgic mashups that take us back to the early MTV years. Will it be Blondie or David Bowie that gets the first mashup?

Be sure to check out some of the other Music APIs listed in our API directory for additional inspiration and content.

Andres Ferrate



Yeah, this would be cool if "The API gives access to every music video in the MTV archive" but that's not true. It doesn't even look like it shares the same database with the actual site. For instance, try searching for "shanice" using the API. Watcha get? Nada. Search for "shanice" on the site - you get 3 videos. It doesn't even include her best video "When I close My Eyes" - but that's a different issue.

[...] egy olyat, ami lehet, hogy segít visszaírni magukat legalább egy kicsit a történelembe. Megnyitották az API-jukat, amin keresztül az MTV teljes zenei archívumát hozzáférhető teszik bárki számára, aki [...]