Music Mashups: MusicWall, Ivy FM and Music Pop Quiz

Janet Wagner, Data Journalist / Full Stack Developer
Jun. 16 2012, 12:45PM EDT

ProgrammableWeb lists many popular Music APIs in the directory including, 7digital and Spotify Metadata. This post features a few really creative, entertaining mashups that use a few popular Music APIs.

Ivy FM

Ivy FM uses and YouTube to create a mashup that allows users to continuously play music by choosing a genre based channel such as alternative, blues, hard rock and pop. The site also displays related YouTube videos and offers the ability to search by music group or a specific artist.

Read the ProgrammableWeb Listing for the Ivy FM Mashup
Visit the Official Ivy FM Website

Ivy FM


MusicWall is a mashup that lets you discover new music. Once an artist or music group is provided in the search box, a list of music videos is displayed. When you select and play a video from the list, options to search for related artists and similar tracks are shown underneath the video playing in the right column. This mashup uses, Spotify Metadata and YouTube.

Read the ProgrammableWeb Listing for the MusicWall Mashup
Visit the Official MusicWall Website


Music Pop Quiz

Music Pop Quiz is a mashup that uses 7digital to create a fun music based quiz game. You can select favorite genre to play in such as hard rock and metal, pop, jazz and alternative and indie. The questions are randomly generated and they become more difficult with each level.

Read the ProgrammableWeb Listing for the Music Pop Quiz Mashup
Visit the Official Music Pop Quiz Website

Music Pop Quiz

These are just a few of the cool mashups developers have created using music APIs. There are many more music mashups available in the mashup directory.

Janet Wagner Janet is a data journalist and full stack developer based in Toledo, Ohio. Her focus revolves around APIs, open data, data visualization and data-driven journalism. Follow her on Twitter: @webcodepro and on Google+



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