Netflix API Launches

Andres Ferrate
Oct. 01 2008, 01:58AM EDT

Popular online movie rental and review site Netflix will be releasing an API today. The new API will provide access to 100,000 movie and TV episode titles on DVD as well as Netflix account access on a user's behalf (using OAuth). We've added a new Netflix API profile to our directory with initial details.

This is an exciting addition to the wide array of video APIs currently available, considering the reach and popularity of Netflix and the passionate activity of its users. According to Netflix, its members rate more than 2 million movies a day and there are more than 2 billion ratings currently in its database.

The API is free and will be available for commercial use, meaning that enterprising developers can potentially monetize applications and mashups developed with the API. See Marshall Kirkpatrick's post over at ReadWriteWeb for additional insight on commercial use of the API as well as follow-up at Gizmodo.

You can sign up for access to the API by visiting once the API is live. Although additional details will be available after the API is officially released, we do know that the API will be accessible via REST, JavaScript, and Atom feeds.

With the addition of this new API, our API directory now includes 38 video-related APIs. Stay tuned as we will be expanding the API profile and providing additional details as they become available.

Andres Ferrate



If you are interested in a mobile version of the Netflix API, vote up @ We are having a little contest to determine which internally configured we want to release and support to the public.

We built the app for an internal contest using the Netflix API and are hoping we can release it publicly given enough interest. We would support BlackBerry and Windows Mobile to start off with iPhone and Android support to follow.