New AOL Mashup Competition

John Musser
Dec. 01 2006, 03:25AM EST

Yesterday AOL and TopCoder announced the Web AIM Mashup Competition, with more here in the press release. They are offering prizes up to $5,000 to a developer who creates the best mashups built on their new OpenAIM initiative. The contest window is short and entries are due by December 6th. See also our /contests page. AOL has been making a notable push in the open API space this year and is gaining some traction: 50,000 developers have registered for Open AIM. Their main developer home page is the recently revamped and much improved and their AIM-specific developer site is You can find 10 AOL APIs at ProgrammableWeb including some you may not have realized they have. And below is an example of a mashup built with AOL Video API, a Finnish mashup of video services, HakuHaku.


John Musser




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[...] My friends (and clients) at AOL have announced a mashup contest with TopCoder utilizing their new AIM APIs.  Folks are noticing it.  We&#8217;ll be building some &#8216;whimsicals&#8217; of our own.  That&#8217;s what AOL calls their &#8216;Widgets&#8217; - whimsicals.  [...]

[...] Speaking of last week&#8217;&#8217;s post on contests, there are actually 4 mashup competitions ending this month, including one today. Besides AOL&#8217;s contest, others ending in the next few weeks including the GoodStorm API Developer Challenge, the GeoIQ Mashup Contest and the ClearForest Semantic Web Services Contest from ProgrammableWeb sponsor ClearForest. [...]