New API Billionaire: Text Extractor Alchemy

Adam DuVander
Sep. 16 2011, 12:00AM EDT

The semantic text mining Alchemy API is now a member of the API Billionaires Club. The service, which makes sense of raw unstructured data, averages 65-75 million requests per day, according to Alchemy's Elliot Turner. That brings the monthly count above 2 billion API requests.

Of the calls to Alchemy, 95% are from paying customers, according to Turner. The biggest category of customers is social media monitoring firms. Other areas with significant users are vertical search, real-time discovery, content recommendation, influencer trackers and ad networks.

There are a number of different ways Alchemy can make sense of text: extract categories, concepts, terms and entities, as well as receive sentiment analysis. The API can also perform content scraping to extract data from or clean up a web page. The latter is similar to the Diffbot Article API, which we called a great democratizer for its ability to make content available to anyone.

Alchemy and Diffbot are two of 76 semantic APIs in our directory. The most popular is the MusicBrainz API for accessing music metadata. Even Google uses it for displaying more advanced music search results.

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