Onset Launches Environmental Data API for Devices

Kin Lane
Jul. 01 2011, 12:00AM EDT

Onset, a supplier of data logging devices, just launched the HOBOlink® Web Services API, that enables anyone to easily build applications around weather, energy and environmental data gathered from the Onset HOBO® U30 monitoring systems, hardware you install in your environment which can share its status up to Onset's system.

The HOBOlink® Web Services API provides both SOAP and REST interfaces developers to program against, and data is available in either in CSV format or SensorML (Sensor Model Language) format.

The Onset HOBO U30 Remote Monitoring Systems can measure and record up to 15 channels of energy and environmental data, including features for harsh environments, with data transmission via GSM-cellular, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet communications. Sensors are available for a wide range of measurements, including kilowatt hours, voltage, current, air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction.

HOBO U30 Environmental Monitoring Systems provide real-time access to data from any web browser, allows setting of alarm notifications and provides the ability manage environmental monitoring systems remotely.

Onset provides a wide range of domestic and international data plans, with access to the HOBOlink Web Services API is free for customers that have purchased an Onset HOBOlink data plan.

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