PayPal API Goes Mobile

John Musser
Jun. 14 2007, 12:04AM EDT

The PayPal API has gone mobile this week with the announcement of PayPal Mobile Checkout. Using this new WAP 2.0-based platform mobile phone users can perform checkouts on mobile sites much like they do with PayPal on regular ecommerce sites. This picks-up from our report earlier this week on the new eBay APIs and shows how eBay is pushing their influential platforms in a variety of directions. Other PayPal platform news this week also includes a new certified developer program.

The PayPal API may not have the pop-culture appeal of the Google Maps API but it's a key component of shopping as an API platform. Note that there are over 250,000 registered PayPal developers.

For some real-world examples you can see a sample of PayPal mashups in our listings including the online invoicing service Blinksale.

John Musser




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