Seesmic Acquires Twitter Mashup Twhirl

John Musser
Apr. 04 2008, 01:49AM EDT

As reported at TechCrunch, the popular Twitter client twhirl created by German developer Marco Kaiser has been acquired by video chat service Seesmic. Besides the Twitter API, it also uses the Pownce API and the Jaiku API to allow cross-posting messages to those services. It is a very popular and very useful client that will have an interesting future. For more background on the acquisition, Seemic's Loic LeMur gives 20 reasons why they acquired it.

On a related note, acquisitions of mashups is becoming a mini-trend that we'll report on in more detail shortly.

John Musser



Its good program for quick desktop-tweeting. I like TweetDeck because of its dark colors and the ability to go full screen. And also because of dark, and a bit bland, makes it much less of a distraction when I am actually focused on something.