Shake Up Your App With mlkshk's Social Image Features

Kin Lane
Jun. 27 2011, 07:05PM EDT

Popular image-sharing application mlkshk now has a mlkshk API for building mlkshk-enabled applications. The service provides a social image discovery and sharing technology, with a RESTful API allowing access to a user's mlkshk account, friends, favorites, and personal image collections also known as "shakes."

The mlkshk API uses draft 12 of the new OAuth2 specification for authentication, and also provides a one-step access token authentication for use in desktop or mobile applications.

Once authenticated an application can access images that users have collected and stored in their shake, favorited and shared, as well as the timeline of a users’ friends. The mlkshk API also allows posting images to a users account, into a user's shake.

Mlkshk seems like a ready to go social image feature that could easily be added as layer of any existing image sharing application.

Firefox, Chrome and Safari are also available, which could be used by applications as image discovery and archiving tools for their mlkshk enabled application.

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