Social Media Management Tool Adds Its Own API

Adam DuVander
Feb. 01 2012, 10:00AM EST

HootSuite, a social media management tool for web and mobile, uses a lot of APIs. Now, it also provides one, the HootSuite Engagement API, which the company unveiled today. The new platform allows developers to create, schedule and organize social messages and accounts.

"At HootSuite we talk about four pillars of functionality within our web app: engagement, collaboration, analytics, security. The piece that we're publishing with this API is the engagement piece," HootSuite's Geordie Henderson said. "It's the part of our functionality that lets you engage with your social media audience in a well-orchestrated, coordinated way."

Henderson said the HootSuite API has been used by the company's mobile apps for some time, echoing a "dogfooding" story we've heard from many providers.

HootSuite has gone read/write with its new API, focusing especially on helping get new social accounts and messages into the system. HootSuite is one of only two Twitter scheduler APIs, which allow messages to be sent at a later time (such as when users in another time zone are awake).

"This marks a new avenue for HootSuite," Henderson said. "We've been so end-user-focused for so long." Though the company has had an app directory for some time, it is now heavily courting developers. The developer portal is basic for now, but Henderson plans to add more features as the company learns how developers want to use the new platform.

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