Tags for Sale

John Musser
Dec. 01 2005, 12:00AM EST

TagDirectory.net is a new mashup variation. What is it? As creator Patrick Ryan explains:

"This is the first ever tag directory. I've used the website del.icio.us to setup a tag directory that will sell listings to advertisers. Combining my idea and using an open resource from another website is called a mashup. So any advertiser can purchase a listing for their website for $20 US for 10 years (or until I die). Now, that's the best advertising deal on the Internet. The advertiser can have the website listed under as many tags as they want. For example, a football website could be listed (tagged) under - sports, football, blog, news. This listing would cost the advertiser only $20."

Go figure. And, if you read the FAQ you see the 'financial objective' is to walk away from his upcoming wedding debt free (and then some given that the goal is $250K). You can track the financial progress by the $ counter on the site's homepage. The new meaning of 'tag sale' and the future of tagging?

John Musser




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Sounds like he wants to replicate the success of Million Dollar Homepage, but this time with tags. He actually released this in mid-November, but back then it wasn't hooked up to del.cio.us (it was just a site with lots of text on it where you could buy individual letters). Clearly he's realized that he could do better using del.icio.us.