Tangler: An API for Discussion Forums

Andres Ferrate
Jul. 08 2008, 02:33AM EDT

Tangler, an online network of discussion forums, recently announced their new API. The Tangler service takes traditional discussion forums to a new level, by allowing anyone to easily set up a discussion forum that can grow to include hundreds of topics and thousands of users. Tangler forums include the ability to embed video, "real-time" discussions, and social networking. There's even an instant desktop notifier application that alerts users whenever a new message is posted to a particular topic.

Tangler Forum

We've added a new Tangler API profile with more details.

The Tangler API is a RESTful API that supports nine calls for content from Tangler, including:

  • Get all topics in a forum
  • Get all messages in a topic
  • Get all (public) forums for a user
  • List popular topics in a forum
  • List popular topics in a forum according to the limit specified
  • List topics in a forum according to the Time Value specified
  • List topics in a forum according to the author
  • List messages in a Topic according to the Time Value specified
  • List all messages created by the supplied user

Be sure to check out the complete API documentation as well as Tangler Developer's Forum (which, of course, uses Tangler). Also note that Tangler supports RSS feeds for its discussion forums, so it's possible to subscribe to discussion threads as well without use of the API.

On a similar note, see the the Webride API, which allows users to embed and start discussions on a variety of web pages.

Andres Ferrate




That's not RESTful.

For example, forum posts say what user ID posted them, and to get info about that user you plug the user ID in a known-in-advance URI.

RESTful would be if forum posts linked to users by giving a URI, not a numeric ID.

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