TD Ameritrade's Second API Aimed at Financial Advisors

Jeremy Glassenberg
Feb. 01 2011, 10:48AM EST

Here comes another financial services API from TD Ameritrade. While the previous was directed at traders with $25,000, this will be aimed at financial advisors using TD Ameritrade's Veo Service.

The company announced plans to launch the TD Ameritrade Veo API in the coming weeks.  According to TD Ameritrade:

“Open access will allow advisors to exchange data with Veo from various systems, such as their CRM program, and initiate tasks that will automatically pull client data and aggregate information from other platforms ultimately streamlining common processes such as opening new accounts and quarterly reporting.” - Jon Patullo, Director of Technology Product Management

While technical details of the API are yet to become available, the company indicated that this will enable financial advisors to query their service for data more easily, and integrate the content into their common workflows.

This new API follows the trend of others in the stock investment space, with ETrade launching an API late last year.  But prior to ETrade and this recent announcement around Veo, TD Ameritrade provided an API for investment accounts , along with a marketplace of integrated applications which now includes nearly 20 published applications.

Jeremy Glassenberg