Technorati API Disappears: No Longer Representing the Technorati

Adam DuVander
Mar. 04 2010, 01:17AM EST

Once the mouthpiece and aggregator of the blogosphere, Technorati lost its luster long ago. And now it's lost its API, too. The developer page promises a new API but also makes one thing clear: the old one is gone.

Technorati developers page shows the API is gone, with vague promise of a new API

Developers like Yancy Lent want Technorati to know they're waiting:

This is pretty amazing. The services has been down for just over 4 months with no new API to take its place. It's almost as if it was abandon. This is a real shame, not even an update.

Bloggers used to dutifully add Technorati tags to posts. When your rank changed, it was worth a blog post, even to say you didn't care. Thousands of bloggers included a widget in their sidebar that used Technorati's API to say how much the blog was worth.

How much is your blog worth?

Technorati founder David Sifry left in 2007. Now his personal blog features a Technorati widget that returns a 404:

Technorati widget returns a 404

With its future unclear (or, perhaps, painfully clear), we've marked our Technorati API profile as 'deadpool'.

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Ironically, the widget on Sifry's page says "Welcome to the new!"

Technorati has been marginalized and has no one to blame but themselves. Their last update made the site even more difficult to browse than it ever was. Technorati can be safely ignored. Even the prospect of a possible high-PR backlink isn't worth the effort of setting up an account.

The rat has always been wack.

I've gotten the rat to index thousands of splogs, but it refuses to index any real blogs, when I put them in.

Maybe it's just a search engine for splogs.

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